Awards : Distinguished Alumni Award

Barry Materson, M.D. ‘62, M.B.A.

Barry J. Materson, M.D. ’62, M.B.A. was born in Philadelphia. He received his undergraduate and medical training at the University of Miami and the majority of his specialty (internal medicine) and subspecialty (nephrology) training at Jackson and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Materson is a tenured professor of medicine at the University of Miami. He has more than 180 published articles and 32 book chapters. He is a certified specialist in clinical hypertension and was a member of the JNC-7 Executive Committee. Over the past nine years, he has served as medical director at the University of Miami Medical Group for managed care, UMCare and UMHealthTrust. He is currently involved with risk avoidance, the self-insurance program and acts as corporate representative.